Re-enchanting politics requires finding new ways to bring it back into our lives. The 21st century is all about keeping busy in our respective careers - and that is fine - but I am convinced that there are endless opportunities for political action hidden in plain sight within those aspirations. 


Inspired by my card game, I volunteer working with real community members, especially businesses, to advocate for human rights while still "doing their thing" even if it's "making money." The advocacy will not interrupt your regular flow of work - it ought creatively find a way to insert it, even though subtly, within your day to day activities. I can help you with this for free - just contact me through the button below. You will find here examples of campaigns I have run in conjunction with community members. 

EXAMPLE 1: #OneHumaneLanguage


The equivalent in real-life? A campaign involving journalists collecting interviews testing people's awareness of the Rohingya crisis across seven different countries, with the help of translators. The interviews were based on fun questions such as "how to pronounce Rohingya?" that the interviewers, most of whom were journalism students, enjoyed conducting. Something to add to their CVs. The translations were provided by individuals who have been practicing a new language  - what a way to expose how far they've come by having a video with their translations? Everybody wins - mostly, the Rohingya people who needed to hear that people out there were exposing the ignorance about the violence. Find the alarming video below, later published by an NGO dedicated to support the Rohingya. 

EXAMPLE 2: #StandWithAzerbaijan


The real-life equivalent? A campaign involving a nightclub, a book signing event and a theatre venue denouncing the crackdown on LGBTQIA+ rights in Azerbaijan. This was more challenging because you'd wonder how one gets a nightclub to "do their thing" aka distract people from harsh realities while still getting them to highlight a tough topic. I did it - find the a screenshot of the PSA below, published by an Azerbaijani NGO. 

azerbaijan pic.png

EXAMPLE 3: #MyRainbowIsNotACrime

student club.png

The real-life equivalent? A campaign involving a media news outlet and a group of students to stand in solidarity with LGBTQIA+ individuals in Egypt. This was a few weeks after the crackdown in Azerbaijan - and I couldn't stand neutral here either. I wanted something simple and powerful. During that period, a new installation was revealed at Washington Sq. Park - Ai Wei Wei's prison-like cage, which condemned censorship in China. Eureka. I reached out to NYU students who pass by the park regularly on their way to campus - the rainbow and Egyptian flags were ready. A powerful picture emerged that Buzzfeed later on picked up for their own "business" - a video about the crackdown. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 11.55.33

Contact me to get some creative but easy ways your business or profession could advocate with. I'll do it for semi-free rates - that is, if you sell donuts, I don't mind getting a couple of them! You may also check my book DIY Creative Activism: A Hanbook, which assesses how 50 different professions can be creatively recruited for campaigns - it's available below as well.