Writings in Urbanism

"This better-safe-than-sorry mindset, similar to Le Corbusier’s fear of intersections, would therefore set the 85th street crossing on top of the list in terms of disorder and mismanagement — prompting people like Robert Moses to stretch them out, render them symmetrical, and potentially emptying out of them pests more irritating than Jean Paul Sartre’s Flies — bikers." - from Policing Parks? Central Park’s 85th Street Bike Crossing and its Dilemmas.

Above, a visual guide for community engagement in urban settings. Thumb through it!

"What Delaney pushes back against is this primacy of glamor and its false correlation with safety; in order to combat the least likelihood of trouble, instead of giving people the benefit of the doubt; we erase them from the picture altogether; we segregate them away. The interclass contact at MSPL becomes another rarity that fetishes of glamor couldn’t conspire against — and this may indeed be possible thanks to the overall chaos of the location, which simultaneously hides and reveals the mix of its patrons; rather than erasing them altogether for the sake of order." - from The Publicness of New York’s Mulberry Street Public Library