Writings in Journalism

"Your feedback sums up the crisis of journalism today. Whereas historically, journalism and philosophy (or “clever ideas,” as you say) have often gone hand in hand (we seldom remember that Karl Marx had been a journalist), we have been brought to a world where brevity is a necessity and truth a utility, where indignation, the premier button on the online reader’s speed dial, has replaced thoughtfulness [...] The result? An impoverished journalism with a large audience and a rich academia without one. The gap between clever and simple ideas, surely, shall continue to grow until the very notion of cleverness becomes obsolete to us. From there, Babylon clasps asunder and we end up in a truth-less world of mere opinions, with each of us feeling entitled to speak a language of our own, with little desire to build again a tower of ideas that engages others, rather than sedate them into a click." - from Reply to An Editor.

Yes, I was a lot more chill when I used to cover football, not politics. 

But sometimes, it pays off.

Adjacent: when my article on gay rights in Lebanon was nominated for a Samir Kassir Award for the Freedom of the Press. 

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