Writings in Philosophy 

Click here for my ‘imaginative interview’ series for the LA Review of Books:

A. Donald Trump, Hannah Arendt – debate the wall
B. Karl Marx muses over the Kardashians & Instafame

C. Interview with Rousseau over LGBT rights
D. Interview with René Descartes over COVID-19

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Philosophy Now Dabbous

"That attitude is close to the problem we’re facing with your students who claim to have no time; who just want a summary to pop up on their screen; for the Youtube video to be brief and clear. So perhaps we should let the directors learn on their own set, in some way? I don’t know, do you think that teaching philosophy should look more and more like a suspenseful treasure hunt? Do you try to do that; to steer them closer to the essence of philosophical learning, which has always been a personal quest, not a collective one?" - from Teaching Philosophy in High School Today: Interview with Sana El-Khalil.