Writings in Politics

"The political theorist would have been very happy to observe that the Lebanese, from the most organized civil society group to the least expected vox populi cast on television interviews, are continually calling to remain loyal to the constitution. This approach must be preserved in order to preempt exploitation. The failure of revolutions is precisely due to its split into two extreme sides, the indulgent and the enragés, who, as Hannah Arendt put it, not merely “worked together to undermine the revolutionary government,” but eventually led to popular acceptance that “the revolution was saved by the man in the middle, who, far from being more moderate, liquidated the right and left as Robespierre liquidated Danton and Hébert.”" - from What Would Hannah Arendt Say About Lebanon’s Revolution?

"But the thread between 1848 and 2019, France and Lebanon, does not lie at the start of George Sand's militant political engagement but in her last days, in the disillusionment she felt later on; a loss of hope that many Lebanese have started feeling." - from George Sand et la Revolution Libanaise