Writings in Psychoanalysis

"If Freud is right that only via speech can one unlock the treasure of our minds and release new ideas from its dark corners, loneliness then ought not merely be a trivial social affair or burdening health concern — it becomes a political question, first and foremost. There are all sorts of systemic inequalities, but could unequal access to speech be one worthy of our attention?" - from Politics of Loneliness in Sigmund Freud

"It is worth looking into Freud’s analysis of infantile sexuality, the idea that our first sexual object is our own body, or observing his emphasis on distinguishing between sexual object and sexual aim. The latter is more powerful for Freud, being an instinct that dwells within us. By this logic, we are not attracted to other people but to ourselves. Our arousal follows much less the rules of geometry in our perception than the laws of gravity in our psyche: a one-sided magnet of some sort that attracts its objects rather than one that is attracted to them." - from "Autosexual," The Last of Labels?

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"That is why Jacob finds Taylor and Kivanc finds Aksana: leaving their pointy male weapon at the door, they search in their respective relationship a space where their non-pointy parts, perhaps their own accommodating basin, can be filled; so that men, not women, find in heterosexual and homosexual relationships alike a cessation of fire in their constant sword fight with other men, phallic or not, and that they find pleasure, in these times of peace, to let go and, symbolically or not, be penetrated too. This seems to be Freud in reverse – a vagina envy, in some way." - from Psychoanalysis of a Teenage Novelist

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