Writings in Digital Media

Open Global Rights Dabbous

“We definitely see this key ingredient of successful storytelling in the coverage of Syria by the New YorkTimes. Article titles such as “Syria’s Crumbling Pluralism” in 2012 or “Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart” in 2016 both link the idea of apocalypse with a reader’s pre-existing knowledge of tragedy with regards to the Middle East as a whole.” - from A Syrian Game of Thrones

“For Americans who enjoy seeing Emma Watson as part of their ‘special relationship’ with the UK, a French dimension may indeed be confusing. Though notions of nobility are more rooted in French culture than British, which the Brits may be more aware of than Americans, it seems Americans have a more British understanding of nobility, one manifested not in foreign Versailles halls but in familiar Tudor courts and gowns, something British TV and film productions have already well packaged to an American audience.” - from How We Google About Emma Watson.